Sunday, April 3, 2011

what are we doing????

doggie obedience training
vacuuming the couch so it does not drowned under sierra's shedding hair
yard cleaning
doggie obedience training
doggie obedience training
more kayaking and doggie obedience training
kite flying or kite crashing is more like it... with lots of laughing
running with sierra... she did not make a appearance at the st. pat's race because we were uncertain if the race was dog friendly.
enjoying spring weather (since the beginning of february!)
rocking climbing (just inside for now, at strongholds gym)
devouring taro tart yogurt at yumilicious (serve yourself set ups are the best!)
doggie obedience training
small groups with our senior high school buddies every monday night (jon with the boys and me with the girls)
working too (preaching, teaching, evaluating, exercising)
enduring the pollen plague that covers columbia in a haze (it is quite amazing actually)
cooking (new favorite cookbook is the earthbound cook, the enchiladas are delicious!)
reading (blue like jazz - reread, crazy love and forgotten God)

a little brief... sorry... maybe i can use this as a jumping off point to blog a bit more frequently!

e l i z a b e t h

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D.Cooper said...

Glad you are blogging again! Fun to read! I want that enchilada recipe! Love u! Have a good week!