Tuesday, August 17, 2010

rain, rain, and more rain

sierra slept in on saturday morning! we were soooo excited. we did not think we would be sleeping in until 9:00 ever again. we are hoping for the same routine next weekend! we had a big night out with sierra on friday even with all the rain. as soon as we got home from work, we began our date night with sierra... we started out for a hike at sesqui and decided to stop by pet smart, or is it pet's mart?, since it was raining. a new harness and a yard stake with a 30 foot lead later we checked out of the pet store. still raining, so we watched jon through the window of hibbett and ate a couple of dried worms on the side walk (seirra was on her own for the latter). still raining, so jon and i took turns going in lowes to pick out gardening gloves. the rain was not going away so we went home. we managed to keep sierra up until almost midnight, so she was worn out when we finally put her in the bed.

we were able to break in the new yard stake and gardening gloves for a few hours saturday morning and then the rain came again. yardwork is a pretty good workout. everyone was exhausted after a few hours of laboring in the SC heat. we still have a couple of weekends of clearing out before we will begin the landscaping. we are still excited about our yardwork days. i hope the excitement continues!

it is thundering as i type. more rain! sierra is missing a few walks. she is unsure of the rain. luckily we have a covered patio, and she will potty somewhat outside.

on a random note, i have watched some tv tonight since it is raining. i am not sure what channel i was watching, but the cosby show just came on! we do not have cable, so i was really surprised to find such a treasure! took me back to when nick at night was playing my favorites! i am expecting a lot from this station!

sierra needs a walk. she is going nuts on the couch!

E L I Z A B E T H :)


D.Cooper said...

Just happened to check your blog! It was a month ago. but fun to read! Love the dried worm snacks for Sierra hahah! Glad you all finally got a doggie! Love you!

D.Cooper said...

Ah, sounds like Sierra likes shopping in the rain! Wears her out anyway! Good luck with the yard too! Love u