Sunday, April 17, 2011

yay! i am posting again!

april is flying by! it seems that i have been a day behind most days of this month. if it was the 12th, i was thinking/writing the 11th all day! i just cannot seem to keep up... haha!

we had a unique youth group tonight. since it is palm sunday, we set up the stations of the cross, 14 of them, with scripture passages and pictures all around the youth room. i always love quiet nights with prayer/reflection stations because it seems that time almost stands still. even though the suffering of jesus is a difficult topic to meditate on, it was peaceful and restorative as well. it was truly a sabbath day for me!

saturday was quite a busy day! the wild wall paper that was in our bathroom fell off the wall! check out the pics on facebook if you have not seen it. the wall paper must have been a quick fix-up before the previous home owners put the house up for sale. after a few months of showering, we noticed some of the corner pieces were starting to peel off the wall. slowly, the steam from our showering just melted the paper off and cut our bathroom make-over job in half. we borrowed a wall sander from a friend at church. i let jon tackle that job. i am better with a paint brush. we used the paint color from our bedroom, soft rabbit brown.

last week jon was in new orleans with our church for the yearly RHINO (restoring hope in new orleans) trip. the trip was family oriented to encourage whole families to do mission trips together. they did construction work with habitat for humanity -- exterior painting and siding, toured the city and of course ate at cafe du mon!

while jon was gone, sierra and i had some great bonding time. we had date nights -- running together and then a car ride for some errands and drive-thru dinner at chik-fil-a! i was also adopted into the dunbar family and introduced to rockaways hamburgers... thanks catherine and lisa!

hopefully i can catch up with the date for the rest of the month! maybe i'm on track now!

e l i z a b e t h :)


D.Cooper said...

Glad you are blogging again! The retro wallpaper "bit the dust" huh? Probably actually did with the sander and all haha....I like the rabbit brown color. I very often have to look at my computer at work to decide what the date is myself! Glad ya'll have Sierra.... especially for Jon's away times! Love u!

D.Cooper said...

Oops, guess my last comment was deleted, it asked me for my google password the second time.....anyway......glad you are blogging again. I can never think what day it is myself, I cheat off my phone or the computer! So, the retro wallpaper "bit the dust"...probably literally after Jon sanded the walls! ha Glad you all have Sierra, especially when Jon is away. It is so nice to have a family take you in! I am thankful for that!

Love u!