Tuesday, August 10, 2010

updates, updates, updates

hello from columbia, sc!

we are settling in to our new home and jobs. the big news... we decided to add to our family. we are the proud owners of a german short-haired pointer, sierra! she is keeping us busy and is a lot of fun.

now that we have a little furry alarm clock, no more sleeping in... even on saturday! since we were up early, we ventured out to the local farmer's market on saturday morning. it was a little smaller than i expected, but it was fun with some quality vendors. for breakfast, we had piping hot apple cider donuts right off the donut conveyer belt, and we took some home for later. sierra got lots of attention and loved sniffing the fish juice trail left by one of the vendor's leaky coolers.

we've started 2-a-days... sierra loves her morning and evening walk/sprint/run/jog/sniff time. she really enjoys being outside, and we enjoy sleeping through the night!

we will be home for labor day weekend and are super excited to have so many of our dear friends planning to come to jon's ordination service. it should be an interesting trip since it will be our first car trip with sierra. at the rate she is growing, she won't fit the co-pilots lap anymore!

next on the to do list... yard work and landscaping. anyone know any good shrubs or ground cover? my expertise starts and ends with monkey grass.

E L I Z A B E T H :)


D.Cooper said...

Liked reading the blog! Daddy is big into landscaping our yard now, maybe he has some advice on that! Love u!

D.Cooper said...

Liked reading the blog! Daddy is big into landscaping our yard, he may have some good ideas for you! Liked the announcement about the new family member, Sierra! She is so cute! Love u

Becca said...

Whoo hoo! An update! :) So glad I got to talk to you--can't wait to see you guys!

D.Cooper said...

your blog pic with your faces together looks like a brother and sister pic!!!

D.Cooper said...

The pic on the blog with your two faces together looks like you are brother and sister!