Friday, May 8, 2009

questioning culture...

in a recent online discussion with someone, i found myself having to fight against common cultural understandings, which are entirely non-biblical, just to get to the point that we were discussing.  as i thought about this, i, myself, have bought into many of these cultural misunderstandings.  unfortunately, we are shaped by the things we are exposed to the most, and i know that i spend far more time in culture (since i can't escape it) than i do in God's word.  this is a shame.  being christian, though, i believe that there is a far greater Truth than the "truths" that culture creates.  remember, Jesus calls us to be in this world but not of it.

for this reason, i have decided to create a series of posts that will question culture.  these will include subjects ranging from privacy to money to inclusivity. these are intentionally provocative.  i hope they will challenge you as much as they have challenged me as i have thought about them.  feel free to post comments arguing against my points.  in doing this, perhaps we will come a little closer to the way things should be.

jw <><


Anonymous said...

I was/am looking forward to these posts. I am certain we will find agreement on these points.


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